Grand Illusion of Tomorrow is a tragic, romantic, and educational novel.

This is a modern love story based on real events and experiences, bringing laughter and tears.

Some chapters will bring chills, while others will startle the reader so much that they will tremble. The end of the story leaves a sense of peace, relief, and joy, of having experienced such an adventure through this literary work; about the unforgettable events of several individuals, striving to find what humanity has desperately been searching for…happiness.

This is a true story novel based on real events that will assist you in taking control of your life.

For example, this is in Chapter Two of the book:

“When you think you have found the man of your dreams, answer these questions with great honesty to confirm whether that person is the one for you, or not:

Ask yourself:

How does this person affect me emotionally?

How does this person make me feel?

Do I feel ugly or desirable when I am with him?

How does this person affect my heart and mind?

Is this person a positive or negative force in my life?

Is this person really, what I want? Is he the man of my dreams?

Can I live with him for a lifetime and accept him exactly as he is now?

What kind of education does he have?

Know his family first! Am I comfortable and at home when I am with them?

Do I have their approval?

Is his family enormous and rowdy? (Watch out!)

How many children does he want? 1- 2- 0?

What are his thoughts on God? Does he fear God or not?

What kind of moral ethics does he have?

Do you feel an electrical connection?

Would I be better off alone rather than with him?

Does he have a profession?

Does he make enough to provide you with a decent life?

NOTE: If your answer is YES to most or ALL of these questions…Congratulations, you found him! He is the man of your dreams! Then, and only then, you can start letting your heart get involved.

If most of the answers were negative, then run! Run! It is not the man for you. Do not get involved with him or you are going to pay for it. Do you want to suffer? No? Then do not let him into your heart. It is a good time to run before it is too late.”