How To Survive As A Woman After 55 is a trilogy of the following e-Books on

(1) New Career After Fifty Five- e-Book: This is a challenging and invigorating story of survival and conquest. When you finish reading this book you will have a job of your own. Learn about Mary’s experience and discover how she employed herself.

(2) Growing Old with Grace and Power- e-Book Today, we are living longer. If you are in your sixties, have you ever considered what you are going to do for the next thirty years? Learn about the “new” definition for retirement. Follow the examples and stories of many “Women of Grace and Power” and find the secret to their happiness.

(3) How To Survive the Memories of an Abusive Parent- e-Book Great advice based on Carl’s interview. If your past is haunting you, this is the story for you! You don’t deserve to live in the past, but concentrate in the present and your future. You can make these changes today and start a new tomorrow. You will find chapters that will energize you and possibly change your life!