Some of us have extremely pleasant memories of their childhood, while others only wish they could forget the many memories of miserable and abusive treatment that continue to plague years later well into adulthood.

During my extensive studies and interviews with young and older adults, I have found the one common denominator; the suppressed memories of abusive from their parents, in times past.  A few years ago, child abuse was considered a private matter; much like domestic violence and wife beating.

I would like to share with you, an outstanding example of one individual I interviewed.  Please understand that I am not sharing this experience with you just as a “Boohoo” poor me accounting; rather as a tool that might possible assist others.

Others who have had the same or similar experiences growing up, and seeking help in surviving the memories of an abusive past.  Plus we have some encouragement for parents currently bringing up children.

The following experience I feel sure will assist many, in not only facing the past, but will help in deleting the memories that can have a negative effect on your future.  Read along as I interview the man we called Carl.