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What Is an Easy Way To Lose Weight.?
What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Safer?

Possibly the most discussed about, the most worried about, and the most advertised about are the concerns about being fat. In today’s society, to be fat is considered by many as the “leprosy” of the twenty first century.

The negative emotions and opinions on actually being “fat” can be best demonstrated by the statement of several current female celebrities who said: “I would rather be dead than fat.”

Now this book is NOT about selling you any miracle diet or diet pill, and it is not about some new age exercise video programs. It is also not about any specialized miracle drug weight loss programs.

In fact, regarding such programs, we are moved to admonish everyone at this time, with these familiar words: “Before starting any weight loss program, see and consult with your physician.”

This book is about helping you identify the Psychology of being fat, and assist you in overcoming the reasons that might be keeping you from reaching your goals.

Psychology is your mental disposition and process, your mental focus that drives you or keeps you prisoner in the realm of disagreeable circumstances.

This book will help you see the importance of maintaining a continuous awareness on your mental dispositions and thinking focus.  Review your true desires and your current progress.  Are you attaining those dreams or settling for less?

In this book, you will find that changing your life is not simply a matter of eating right and exercising right; it is really a matter of THINKING right.