The Survive As a Woman Trilogy is a series of books for women of all ages.  It is a woman’s guide to surviving and conquering in these challenging times.  It is a collection of experiences of women worldwide, of all ages and cultures. For many years, we shared our daily lives, our views, ideas, and stories for a better tomorrow.  With the experiences of others, you can learn how to overcome difficult times in relationships, work, romance and all aspects of our lives.

All these years of experiences and research are together in several books to benefit us and enrich us all.  Survive as a Woman, is a guide for the women of this generation. You can read the individual books, or you can read the “Trilogy” of the following books in one volume called “Survive as a Woman.”

How to Survive as a Single Woman

How to Survive as a Woman in a Break-Up

Lose Weight, the Psychology

Let us face it, whether we are young or old, struggling or highly successful, we all have a measure of regrets in life. In our minds we find ourselves looking back saying; I could have done that better, or that was a bad choice, and I should never have gotten involved with that person. Be certain, it is the timeless old regret system of; I could have, would have, and should have.

I am sure we do not need anyone to tell us that life, unfortunately, does not have a “reset button.” However, if it did, how often would you hit that button. We resolve a fresh new start each time we embark on a brand-new job, project, or relationship, and take grand comfort and pride in the fact that we have the wisdom to learn from our mistakes. However, consider this, if we could restart our lives a thousand times, how many times would it take to get it right, to finally have a life with complete happiness.

Having the wisdom to learn from our mistakes will bring benefits. However, the cost can be extreme in precious time, in demand for energy and not to mention; emotional investment.

For the real and immediate benefits, we need the SMART way to live life, which is to learn from the mistakes of OTHERS. That is to review, and analyzes the life course of others, with the benefit of taking full advantage of the mistakes and successes of others. Of course, in the lives of others, not every situation of their life will fully match your situation; however, seeing their physical and emotional investments, along with their results, will prove far more advantageous in seeing how we can apply or avoid their examples.

The “Survive as a Woman” book series is a guide for all females, as we face this new generation of challenges. As part of this research, we interviewed young and old about what they did when they had to let go of a relationship.