It is a New Year again, as we shout out a Happy New Year to all individuals close enough to hear our voice.

Yes, few celebrations in our life time bring us such a full range of emotions as ringing in the New Year. We laugh, we sing, and we even cry, as we toast the days gone by and look to fulfilling our hopes and dreams in the prospective New Year. However in a true reflection, we really must confess that in any given year we live a life filled with plentifully moments peppered with accomplishments, victories, disappointments, gladsome moments, and grief filled truths.

As the lyrics of a Scottish poet, Robert Burns, from the traditional song of Auld Lang Syne begin to fill our ears, and firework explosions illuminate the sky, we say good-bye to the past as emotional feelings of a new beginning with a fresh start come to mind.  Almost instantly our emotions transfer to making resolutions and promises, which regrettably often times prove to be only temporary. Now whether our promises and resolutions consist of keeping our hands out of the doughnut box, or in genuine, heartfelt efforts to improve relationships with others; remember that the real significance is in the actions we apply to those new hopes and dreams.

So in this coming year, as in all the many years yet to be experienced, may the true spirit of love, compassion and resolute determination follow us as a persistent shadow.

Now as we close out one year and bring in another, we can be filled with appreciation for every moment of life in order to continue our pursuit of the fulfillments that truly bring us the happiness of this New Year.

With the best and deepest wishes to all my dear ones, a joyful Happy New Year!

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